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Brut Deodorant Efficacite Longue Duree (6 x 200 ml)

RM 77.40

Brut Oceans Efficacite Longue Duree Deodorant 200ml(Pack of 2) For The Man Who Appreciates The Biting Chill Of The Winter Wind And The Majestic Flight Of An Eagle Over The Azure Depths Of The Sea. This Mass Premium Brand From The Renowned House Of Faberga Soothes You Into A Plane That Is Calm And Serene. The Deodorant Spray Takes You Through A Refreshing Experience That Will Stay With You For A Long Time To Come. Brut Oceans Deo Spray Offers Long-Lasting Protection To Get You Through A Hectic Day And Is Perfect For Every Occasion. Oceans Is For The Discerning Man With Luxury On His Mind And Elegant Tastes.